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  1. Dear Adam,
    Stuart Anderson (www.squaring.net) told me about your “squaring the plane” solution. This is nice geometry and I would like to use it for designing a 3D-printed pendant. If you please give permission, I would arrange small cubes instead of the squares as I did for Simple Perfect Squared Squares before.
    I will need a list of all square positions, e.g. the coordinates of their lower left corners.
    Is there a ready to use algorithm for making that list(s)?

    Best regards,

  2. Well, I revisited your site today after a rather long time. However, thank you for the very fast reply last year.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cython told me how to use the code which is in fact “ready to use” for
    printing the lists I need.
    Now, holding the square location lists in my hand, I look forward designing related 3D printed models.

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