great movies featuring great friendships

dedicada a mi maestra y grande amiga MJK

The life and loves of painter Dora Carrington and her friendship with writer/critic Lytton Strachey.
Dersu Uzala (Kurosawa version)
The friendship of a Russian army map-maker with hunter/trapper Dersu Uzala.
The Intern (2015, De Niro)
A 70-year old intern and the young female company boss.
Wealthy white Parisian paraplegic and his young black helper.
German guy + a traumatised/abused girl who needs help, friendship and love.
Umberto D
man + dog
Hedgehog in the Fog
hedgehog + bear
English Vinglish
An Indian woman learning English and her classmates.
hearing & speech impaired guy, girl and autistic girl
Mary and Max
penpals – an Australian girl and an American man.
84 Charing Cross Rd
penpals – The friendship of an American woman with an English bookseller.
Harold and Maude
The friendship of an (at first suicidal) young man with a wild and wise elderly woman.
The Eighth Day
guy + guy with Down’s syndrome
As Good As It Gets
A neurotic writer, a waitress single mother, and an artist.
Heavenly Creatures
The friendship and fantasy lives of two NZ girls.
Anne of Green Gables (first 2 movies)
2 kindred spirits.

and possibly

3 Idiots
My Dinner with Andre