IFS art

A few years ago I wrote a pretty crazy program on my old computer, to do art with IFS.
First you’d draw the outline of a shape, then press space repeatedly to produce new smaller copies of the shape, which could be moved around, shrunk/expanded, stretched/compressed, flipped, rotated, even bent (Holding down Ctrl meant the arrow keys affected x^2 & y^2 terms). Then when happy with the arrangement, press DISPLAY to see the IFS. The idea is (like in Barnsley’s original IFS leaf) to cover the original shape with as few copies as possible, with few gaps or overlaps, and then the resulting IFS picture will look like the target shape. Very weird. Every part of the picture looks like all of it. Drawing using the whole drawing as a drawing tool.. I must do more of those. And write a new version.

grass Sydney Opera House