Keith Jarrett


with Charles Lloyd

Oslo 1966 setlist mp3
1967 Prague

1968 28:56

\bullet Le Cameleon, Paris, 12-14 Nov 1969 Trio setlist mp3


\bullet Apollo, Paris, France, 24 May 1970 setlist mp3
(An extravaganza – 2hrs of Keith on piano, rhodes, vocals, guitar, wood flute, steel drums etc)
\star Facing You 1971
– I believe it’s the best improvised/jazz solo piano album, bar none.
Jarrett/Haden/Motian trio
Trio: ORTF Studios, Paris, June 9 1972 setlist mp3
TV: Hamburg 1972 – Rainbow eyeneer – Take Me Back eyeneer – Everything That Lives Laments eyeneer
whole concert – 1:38:49

Ruta and Daitya 1973 – Keith (rhodes) and Jack DeJohnette – You Know, You Know 7:44 youtube
In The Light 1973 – Jarrett’s classical music for various ensembles 1. Metamorphosis 19:26 youtube

Umbria 1974 – solo

European Quartet
1974 Hannover

American Quartet
Fort Yawuh 1973 – De Drums youtube
\bullet Berliner Jazztage 1973, with Guilherme Franco (perc)

\bullet Philharmonic Hall (Avery Fisher), NY, 2 July 1974 setlist mp3

Arbour Zena 1975 – youtube audio – Keith, Jan, Charlie + strings

Freiburg 1975 part 1 youtube
Arbour Zena 1975 with Jan Garbarek, Charlie Haden, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra youtube
\bullet Vermont solo, Aug 26 1977

My Song 1978 title track – youtube audio


\bullet Tokyo 1984

Duo with Gabriel Jarrett (perc), NY, 12 Sept 1989 setlist mp3


\bullet La Scala, Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 13 Feb 1995 youtube


1970s TV program: interview and solo playing

The Art of Improvisation


Umbria incident

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