Hi, I’m a jazz pianist in Sydney, Australia.

My album The Adam Ponting Trio is out on bandcamp.

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  1. Dear Adam,
    Stuart Anderson (www.squaring.net) told me about your “squaring the plane” solution. This is nice geometry and I would like to use it for designing a 3D-printed pendant. If you please give permission, I would arrange small cubes instead of the squares as I did for Simple Perfect Squared Squares before.
    I will need a list of all square positions, e.g. the coordinates of their lower left corners.
    Is there a ready to use algorithm for making that list(s)?

    Best regards,

  2. Well, I revisited your site today after a rather long time. However, thank you for the very fast reply last year.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cython told me how to use the code which is in fact “ready to use” for
    printing the lists I need.
    Now, holding the square location lists in my hand, I look forward designing related 3D printed models.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I’m a student writing a literary review on the Thue-Morse Sequence for my undergrad thesis, and I’m writing a short chapter on art inspired by the sequence for it. I’d like to know what about the sequence spoke to you and caused you to make so many pieces inspired by it.

    Please let me know if it’s okay to quote your response in my writing!

    Caroline Padula

    1. Dear Caroline

      Is it possible to have an electronic version on your Thue-Morse review?
      many thanks in advance

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