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online books, movies etc
Internet Archive Search: documentaries
Library Genesis – my fav web site in the universe.
Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science. try their wiki page for latest URL.
KAT – Kickass Torrents
Torrent Butler
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine (access dead web pages)


Cancel Fractions Calculator – Symbolab
J. Marshall Ash’s Homepage
soft question – Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain – Mathematics Stack Exchange
books for maths and physics
video lectures: single variable calculus MIT 1970
Multivariable Calculus textbook online
Visualizing complex analytic functions using domain coloring
Hans Lundmark’s complex analysis pages – links to graphics books, sites, programs
Mathematical imagery by Jos Leys
soft question – Which mathematicians have influenced you the most? – MathOverflow
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
mathpapa algebra-calculator
Great Math Software for Curves & Surfaces
Geometry: Software
Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
High precision calculator
Mathway | Math Problem Solver
Non-Periodic Tilings With N-fold Symmetry
Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP | a personal view of the theory of computation – great blog
Herbert Wilf homepage – download generatingfunctionology, A=B etc explains e^{i\pi}+1=0 and other maths wonderfully, with pictures. Fourier transforms explained as like analyzing fruit smoothies hehe.
Floyd’s coloring booklets from finite subdivision rules
The Wolfram Functions Site
Richard Kenyon
Barnsley papers on arxiv


Microsoft Word MVP FAQ (advanced tips and tricks)
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange
Create LaTeX tables online
Pure Mac: Software for Macintosh
Frequently asked questions by the Press – Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web)
the first web page
Align and float images with CSS
guide to better css
css FAQ
guide to sass
TikZ examples feature: Foreach
Increment/Decrement variables in TikZ – TeX/LaTeX Stack Exchange
A macro of drawing a rectangle with several parameters in TikZ – TeX/LaTeX Stack Exchange
neural nets/AI etc
Geoff Hinton paper on RBMs 2013 – neural nets
Geoff Hinton homepage – my stackexchange Q. Answer when I’m clear about it
Useful FFMPEG syntax examples
x264 ffmpeg mapping
ffmpeg resources
ffmpeg documentation
Mac software
Combining 30000 images into a movie
Elements of Computing Systems course
XCode/Mac programming/Cocoa etc
Mac shell script primer
NSBitmapImageRep class reference
drawing a pixel on canvas with cocoa
Mac Developer Library
Cocoa Graphics with Quartz Pt 2

philosophy, writing etc

Quote Investigator blog
An Exchange between Howard Zinn and Sidney Hook on Democracy
Peter Suber, “Philosophy as Autobiography
Google Ngram Viewer – graphs (printed) word usage over time
Open Culture
Life-Changing Books: Your Picks | Open Culture
Philosophy audio online
Aeon: What are some books that have changed your life
Daily Nous
New APPS: art, politics, philosophy, science
why the politics of internet flags matters
itsnevertoolatte.tumblr – art, sociology, feminism etc quotes
the meaning of asshole
Blog of the Chesterton Club of Granada (español)
G. K. Chesterton’s Works on the Web
British & Irish authors online (incl. ancient)
Hazlitt’s Table Talk online (Adelaide)
Library genesis forum

art, music etc

An Optical Illusion | Optical Illusions And Other Visual Oddities
The Autobiography MILES DAVIS with Quincy Troupe (featuring dark Terry)
The Notes You Don’t Play | Jazz Interviews
reddit: Funkiest song of all time
Missing fundamental – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Art Documentaries – my favs – a youtube playlist – art, design, photography and architecture, celebrating ideas and creativity
Ingrid Siliakus – – amazing paper pop-ups
Ingrid Siliakus – Gallery
What are some albums similar to “In a Silent Way”? – Quora
mahler plays mahler
Mulatu Astatke – New York-Addis-London [Full Album] – YouTube
young writers festival
Rod Mayhew on Tunisia w. Bernie, Pochee, Ed Gaston, Monique


Depleted uranium – Wikipedia
The CIA in Australia
SOLDIERX.COM | Nobody Can Stop Information Insemination
Frontline Defenders
Civil Courage prize
Who are some of the greatest people that have ever lived that most people have never heard of? – Quora


Closeminded science – page with many articles and links by Bill Beaty (amasci)


SpanishDict | English to Spanish Translation, Dictionary, Translator
Dizionario, traduzione, definizione | francese, inglese, spagnolo… | Reverso


All Sites – Stack Exchange
Open Yale Courses – many complete courses on video, with papers, reading etc
Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2016 – TorrentFreak
LFW Face Database
Auditory Neuroscience – has lots of audio/optical illusions
serif web fonts
Maria Full of Grace script
Stay with Locals and Make Travel Friends | Couchsurfing


Greg Shahade chess etc blog
KnightVision PGN Viewer Quick Publisher
St Louis chess club videos – Ben Finegold, Yasser Seirawan etc
Capablanca movie
The Master Game – Short-Byrne 1981 [36:04]
old version of
Lost On Time chess blog
chess24 en español – youtube videos
Play Chess Online –


Turboencabulator – Wikipedia

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