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+++A fact is not called a fact, but a piece of gossip, if it does not fall into one of your scholastic categories. An inquiry must be in some acknowledged direction, with a name to go by; or else you are not inquiring at all, only lounging… – RL Stevenson, An Apology for Idlers

Movies watched 2012-21


Romance languages – ‘quick guide’ to french, spanish, portuguese, italian and their evolution from latin.
Sayings of Johnson
Chesterton on Legs (1/2 finished)
A “Culture and Society” Reader (under construction)
The Gospel of Chesterton (under construction)
Hyphenated words in Shakespeare – a complete list
Great moments in philosophy
online videos of philosophical lectures
philosophical interviews/debates/conversations
optical and other illusions
Statistics and the Decety religion-altruism study – in which I learn some basic statistics and start to look at this study.
List of good lists of recommended books (barely started, programming only so far)

books read 2017 [under construction]
books chewed, tasted etc – later 2016
Books read 2014-16 (extremely incomplete)
books of my childhood
images from movies
Mind maps
Vi Hart
Games with pen and paper


HTML and CSS solutions
HTML and CSS links
Not-so-quick guide to bash shell
software licences

Mas o menos tonteria

Andy Kaufman
music comedy
pseudo-word list
Nietzsche and wikipedia
Great moments in maths (under construction)
the name of this page is called… (under construction)

ethology of words – under construction
Quotation and summary (coming..)

pages to make/under construction

se, le etc
movie reviews
philosophical essays
australian philosophers
good books
ancient greek terms
Outstanding movies
psychology of philosophy

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