Art and Maths


Sequence grid/tiling/Ponting packing 2017 update
IFS movie
versions of archimedean tilings (only 1 so far)
fractal dual substitution tilings
Rectiling I
+++Slide rotation
+++Quadtree rotation
+++Diagonal rotation
More 1\dots n square packings
Image Squares
Double rainbow square tiling
Thue-Morse art
Rational subdivision
de Bruijn tilings
Continued fraction carpet
IFS videos
Square Packing
Voronoi GIFs
Voronoi art
Map of fractions
Truchet tiles
IFS art
Non-linear IFS
Barnsley’s IFS
Dynamical systems
Dynamical systems in 3D
Some square tilings
Dynamical systems in 3D 2011
Dynamical systems 2011
Inside out
Pickover-style random point red-to-blue dynamical systems
(Music clock) Dictionary of Chords & Scales
function art
assorted recursive

Maths art – explanations and investigations in progress

my sequence grid/tilings paper
Voronoi art
Voronoi GIFS
GIFS in general
Truchet GIFS
TSP art
3D dynamical systems
Barnsley’s IFS
Fourier photos
image editing/processing
Inside Out
Tesselation with squares
Geometric dissection
Automated geometric dissection

All pictures (until 2016ish) were made with my own programs written in C++ Builder 4.
Since then – Sage/Python/Cython, C++

Inspirational maths/art books

Computer, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty: Graphics from an Unseen World – Clifford Pickover, 1990
Amazing book. I’ve written so many programs based on ideas from it – biomorphs, strange attractors, Pascal’s triangle variants, dynamical systems of various kinds, Truchet tiles, etc.
Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws – Manfred Schroeder
Similarly, this one is just packed with ideas.
Recreational Mathematics – W. Rouse Ball
The Science of Fractal Images – Barnsley, Devaney, Mandelbrot, Peitgen, Saupe & Voss, 1988
Mandelbrot & Julia set studies & algorithms, binary decomposition, inversion, Barnsley’s IFS, Sierpinski gasket, creating a planet with random faults, strange attractors,
Five Golden Rules, Five More Golden Rules – John L. Casti, 1996
Ron Goldman‘s books on graphics/fractals/curves. This lecture on fractals=splines
Books by John Stillwell
Books by Martin Gardner
Papers by Floyd, Cannon, Parry, Kenyon, Schramm (on squaring, graphs, tesselation, subdivision, the Riemann mapping theorems etc)
Alfred Inselberg – Parallel Coordinates
Books by V.I. Arnol’d
Books and papers by Stefan Felsner (ways of drawing and transforming graphs)
Books by Michael Barnsley

maths art online
Richard Kenyon’s maths art page
Boundary Functions – Scott Sona Snibbe’s interactive voronoi art piece showing personal space.

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