Continued fraction carpet

The top (red) row of rectangles represents 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 etc, the second (green) row 1/2, 2/2, 3/2 etc.
“From” means that that fraction is in the upper-left corner.
Red=1, green=2, yellow=3, blue=4 etc.

CF carpet 1

cd big p1

cf bigger

cf 2

From 20/1
cf bigger contd from 20,1

From 35/1
cf bigger contd 2 from 35,1

From 38/21
cf from 38,21

From 40/24
cf from 40,24

From 45/1
cf bc3 from 45,1

From 45/11
cf bc from 45,11

From 45/25
cf bc from 45,25

From 45/35
cf from 45,35

From 80,5
cf from 80,5

From 80,49
cf from 80,49

And.. what it might look like as a rug. The bigger the better. I mean, would need a huge wall mural or something to start seeing some interesting high numbers with lots going on in each rectangle. I didn’t get even up to a 100×100 square in any of these ones so far.
CF square carpet

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