Maths writing

Why 12 notes in an octave?
Wendy’s gamma scale \gamma
Fermat’s little theorem

(1)   \begin{equation*} \text{if $x$ and $p$ are relatively prime, and $p$ is prime, } x^{p-1}\equiv 1 \bmod{p} \end{equation*}

Fourier transforms, wavelets etc
group theory
graph theory
game theory
recurrence relations
power series
Mandelbrot & Julia sets
Mutated Mandelbrot etc
dynamical systems
Barnsley’s IFS
squaring the square
– electric circuit method/kirchoff
geometric dissections
TSP art
continued fractions
orbits, gravity, ellipses, planets, Kepler
knots and polynomials
hyperbolic geometry
hyperbolic tesselations
inside out
music clock & spiral/circular representations of music/rhythm etc
markov art/music
genetic algorithms
Lissajous figures
Tierra, daisyworld etc
shepard scale & curiosities of acoustics & overtones

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