Miles Davis 2

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1980s and beyond

\bullet Fukuoka, 11 Oct 1981 – Part 1 youtube – Part 2 youtube
\bullet Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1982 with Mike Stern (guitar), Bill Evans (sax) etc

Star People 1983 youtube
\bullet We Want Miles (double album) youtube
Decoy, 1983
You’re Under Arrest, 1984-5 youtube
\bullet Paris, 22 July 1985 with Bob Berg (sax), John Scofield (g) plus John McLaughlin on last 6 tracks. setlist mp3
\bullet Under The Sky, Tokyo, 28 July 1985 with Bob Berg, John Scofield

\bullet Montreal 1985

\bullet Montreux 1986 with Bob Berg, Robben Ford (gtr) etc

Tutu, 1986 youtube
\Box Tutu

Amandla 1989 youtube


1969 Interview at Miles’ home with Japanese journalists for Swing Journal (24mins) info mp3
\Box Miles on the Dick Cavett show

Munich 1988 interview eyeneer

I see Miles Davis as a surrealist father of mine. He was the first person to believe in me as an actor, the one who first said he understood what I was talking about. It was on "The Dick Cavett Show." Before we went on he said to me, "Why aren't you wearing your leather jacket? Didn't you learn anything from Dennis Hopper?" Because I was wearing a suit. Then I went out and started talking about how if Picasso could paint surreal, why couldn't actors try to achieve that as well? Then Miles came on, and he was very considerate and he said, "I hear what you're saying." He kept looking at me like we had our own connection. Ever since then he stayed in my thoughts. He said the words I needed to hear to keep going with my choices. - Nicolas Cage, 1998, Movieline Magazine


WARNING: Comedy!

\circ Miles and Coltrane shred, 1959 youtube
(Incredibleness. The bonus fictional Gil Evans bit towards the end is absolute (evil) genius. 11 stars)
\circ My Very Funny Valentine, 1964 youtube
\circ “Unknown version of Tutu” youtube
\circ So What? youtube

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\Rightarrow This page is dedicated to Tom Vincent. šŸ˜€

\Rightarrow Thanks to the musicians involved,,, wikipedia, and the people who recorded the gigs and worked on the audio files.

\Rightarrow And infinite thanks to Lisa Parrott. By the age of 15 I had half a dozen jazz tapes/records, among them Miles’ Superstar (a Bird record) and “Blue Xmas” (mostly stuff from 1958). During the next couple of years, she sent me copies of Cookin’, Steamin’, Relaxin’, Workin’, Round About Midnight, Milestones, Somethin’ Else, Kind of Blue, Porgy and Bess, Sketches of Spain, Scheveningen 1960, Miles in Europe 1963, Four & More, My Funny Valentine, Plugged Nickel, ESP, Miles Smiles, Nefertiti, Sorcerer, Miles in the Sky, Kilimanjaro, Water Babies, Jack Johnson, Live-Evil etc. Not to mention early Ornette, Keith’s American & European Quartets, Giant Steps, Maiden Voyage, Empyrean Isles, and the trios of Ahmad Jamal, Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones, McCoy, Keith, Oscar Peterson, etc etc none of which I’d heard before! And a lot more. Plus her dear friendship. What can I say… Thank you. Let me know if you ever need a kidney. Uh or pancreas 8|

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